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Forget Breaking Bad, Sydney detectives have released pictures of a real-life drug lab discovered in an industrial unit at St Marys.

One person has already been charged this week, officers are now hoping the pics will prompt further information about the clandestine lab, and result in further arrests.

On Sunday July 28 2013, witnesses contacted authorities after seeing smoke coming from the premises on Severn Street, subsequently uncovering the illegal operation.

After months of investigation a 39 year old man already in jail at Silverwater, was slapped with charges of large commercial drug manufacture on Monday of this week.

Police ask anyone with information to come forward, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Drug lab uncovered at St Marys 

Police Chemicals Operation Team investigating

More inside the lab on Severn Street 

This vehicle was regularly seen at the unit in 2013


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