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The daughter of long-time NSW premier Neville Wran remains behind bars over a stabbing in Redfern Sunday night, that left a man dead and another in St Vincent's hospital.

It's been revealed 26 year old Harriet Wran was homeless and suffering a relapse to a drug addiction for ice when she was arrested over the incident, and did not know the victims.

Her barrister Winston Terracini SC said she was obviously innocent, and will fight the charges of murder and attempted murder. Ms Wran is also faced with charges of aggravated break and enter, and will return to court on October 8.

No bail application was made today, although it was formerly refused.

Two others have also been charged, 35-year-old Michael Lee, and 29 year old Lloyd Edward Haines.
Harriet Wran arriving to court under police custody 


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