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"Kill the Jews" were screamed at children
UPDATED: Children as young as five have been left traumatised, after a group of teenagers stormed a school bus through Sydney's east, unleashing racist taunts and physically threatening to slit the children's throats.

A number of teen boys responsible for the anti-semitic rants against the Jewish students, boarded the government run 660 at Randwick around 4pm Wednesday. Although one parent claims they should not have been let on in the first place.

"[The bus driver] did nothing about it .. he didn't stop the abuse, he didn't stop what was being said and done to the kids,said Jacqui Blackburn whose three daughters were onboard. 

Five juveniles aged between 15 and 17 were arrested around 3:30am Thursday, but were released into the custody of their parents because they were too drunk to be interviewed. Police have confirmed they will be speaking with the group at a later time, while they want a sixth culprit to come forward.

"It was an STA designated school bus which wasn't restricted to any specific schools," said Superintendent Jason Box. "Some of the [offenders] had bus passes and were in school uniform." 

Meantime, in a statement a spokesperson for State Transit released said "STA is cooperating with NSW Police as they investigate this incident".

"I think my kids are going to need some counselling," said Ms Blackburn.

Security beefed up at one of the schools Photo:John Grainger 


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