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Nearly 100 fire fighters are desperately trying to stop a bank of gas cylinders exploding, after a grassfire at Kingswood spread to a car factory.

Sheds and multiple cars are ablaze at the site on the corner of Copeland Road and Phillip Street, with flames now licking at other buildings and threatening a supply of LPG.

The two nearby schools have not been evacuated yet.

The Facebook page of St Joseph's College indicated that students and staff are staying inside and closing windows and doors.

Fire & Rescue NSW has this advice:
Smoke is currently not impacting on schools in the area or the Nepean Hospital and firefighters continue to keep a close eye on the situation. Residents in the affected areas are advised to take the following precautions:
• Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering homes 
• Keep outdoor furniture under cover to prevent ember burns 
• Retract pool covers to prevent ember damage 
• Remove washing from clothes lines 
• Ensure pets have a protected area 
• Vehicles must slow down, keep windows up, turn headlights on
• If you have asthma or a lung condition, reduce outdoor activities if smoke levels are high and if shortness of breath or coughing develops, take your reliever medicine or seek medical advice.


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