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Australia has suffered embarrassment overnight at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, with two major scandals breaking.

A 29-year old male competitor is this morning sitting in a jail cell, after being locked up over his alleged involvement in an altercation in the athletes village.

Exact details on which athlete it was have not been released, however we do know they've been charged with assault and will face court tomorrow.

Meantime, head coach of our athletics team, Eric Hollingsworth, has been suspended after publicly criticising champion hurdler Sally Pearson. 

The coach released a personal statement stating her 'no-show' at a pre-Games training camp set a bad sample for young athletes.

Media reports this week have detailed that Pearson took exception to Hollingsworth’s feedback post 
her performance at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Poland in March this year.

“I asked legitimate questions of her after the race, and she didn’t like the line I was taking. So via her 
agent she sort a meeting with Athletics Australia’s president, CEO and High Performance Director, 
which I was not aware of until the day of, or day before the meeting,” explains Hollingsworth. 

“While I thought at the time it was curious that I wasn’t involved in that process in any form, Sally 
raised her issues, and the powers-that-be found no problems with my actions, and there was no case 
to answer. 

Source: Hollingsworth Press Release

Australian and international forces trying to get access to the MH 17 crash site have been held back by rebel fighting for a fourth day.

Though there are more concerning reports from Ukraine officials, that fighters in the region have booby-trapped the area around the crash site by laying land-mines.

There are new calls today for warning labels on alcohol.

A new report by FARE and VicHealth has revealed booze is responsible for killing 15 Aussies a day, while it sends another 430 off to hospital.

... and today is the final day for anyone with a credit card to ensure they have setup the PIN on their fantastic plastic.

From midnight, all transactions with credit and debit cards will require a security access code, as signatures are phased out.


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