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There's fears rebel forces in Eastern Ukraine could jeopardise air-crash investigations of MH17 before it even begins.

There are reports rebel forces are planning to clear the wreckage in coming days and put it on a train. While European observers have been told the government in Donetsk only want a maximum of 35 foreign investigators at the crash site.

It comes as Foreign Minister Julie Bishop continues to settle a deal with the Ukraine government to allow Australian Federal Police and Defence personnel to take a lead role in securing the site.

"We are now preparing a special document that is to be ratified by the parliament," acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman told reporters in Kiev. "I hope that this will take place next week - the ratification that is."

Overnight Ms Bishop accompanied a flight of dozens of victims bodies as they were flown to the Netherlands for identification by a team of forensic experts.

"What I am doing .. is ensuring that we can provide some solace, some comfort to these families back in Australia who want to be reassured the remains of their loved ones are in the hands and the care of people who will look after them and bring them home," said Ms Bishop.

Dutch authorities say 189 coffins have been flown to the Netherlands so far, with another flight set to carry 38 more from the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv to Eindhoven on Saturday.


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