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United front: Keiran Foran, Daly Cherry-Evans, Peta Hiku, Jorge Tafua 

Secret men's business?
Despite playing down rumours there is disharmony within the Manly Sea-Eagles playing group, five-eight Keiran Foran has admitted contractual issues are afflicting the competition leaders.

Players selected for interview kept reporters waiting at the Sydney Academy of Sport Thursday morning, while they jumped in what's believed to be Anthony Watmough's car for a discussion.

When they finally fronted the media pack all five shared similar words, stating they didn't know details about the contractual issues or any pacts within the playing group over the departure of Glenn Stewart.

Brett Stewart and Anthony Watmough reportedly want out of their contracts at Brookvale, with Foran conceding resentment still runs deep between players and management over their refusal to offer Glenn a contract extension earlier this year.

"I guess there are issues to be sorted," Foran said. "I think the club underestimated Glenn Stewart's departure and we said all along 'Gif' was a massive part of building this culture here and as players we
probably felt that he deserved a contract put in front of him."

However, just like Foran attested, Daly Cherry-Evans,  Peta Hiku, Jason King and Jorge Tafua all say they're happy campers at the club.

"There's been adversity in this club for a long time, but we always find a way to come out the other end," said Cherry-Evans. "I think this is just another speed bump, we'll continue to move forward and continue to hopefully go out there and be successful on the field."

The halfback went on to quash rumours he was currently in talks with the Parramatta Eels over a multi-million dollar deal, stating it's just "speculation". Although he didn't rule out a move when his contract was up, but "it's too far away for him to judge".

The Manly board on Wednesday night moved to assure Sea Eagles fans that they "fully supported" the honouring of contracts, publicly stating they won't grant any requests for early releases from the NRL club.


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