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Lawyer Paul Kenny 

Retired police officer Roger Rogerson will fight murder charges against him, over the death of Sydney university student Jamie Gao.

The 73 year old's case was mentioned in Sydney's Central Local Court Tuesday morning, over the shooting murder of the 20 year student in a rented storage shed then dumping his body wrapped in plastic in waters off Cronulla in May.

His lawyer spoke to reporters outside court afterwards and said his client was "not doing well" mentally and physically, and bail may be applied for.

"He has quite a few ailments, the conditions he's kept in are no good at all," said Paul Kenny. "He has no wrist-watch, he has no calendar, he doesn't have a pillow .. and it's only in very recent times he's been able to rent a television."

The case against Mr Rogerson and his alleged accomplice and former detective Glen McNamara will be back in court on August 26, with prosecutors compiling a pile of evidence including CCTV footage and fingerprints form the alleged crime scene.

Media scrum outside Central Local Court 


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