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The Prime Minister says the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in eastern Ukraine is being treated like a "garden clean up".
Tony Abbott's comments come after a telephone conversation earlier this morning with Russian President Vladimir Putin, outlining Australia's concerns that the scene is being contaminated by pro-Russian rebels controlling the war-torn region.
While Russia is denying any involvement in the Boeing 777 being shot down early last Friday as it flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the Prime Minister says Mr Putin "said all the right things", regarding the growing global calls for Russia to cooperate with preserving the site and taking part in formal investigations.
Tony Abbott is now pressuring President Putin to remain good on his word, promising to speak regularly with the leader.
While he's maintaining Russia's innocence, members of the public have been busy building a shrine of candles, flowers and messages outside the Dutch embassy in Moscow.  Some of the cards ask for 'forgiveness'.

Pro-Russian rebels holding guard over the crash site have been filmed taking possession of what appears to be the black box data recorders from the doomed flight.  The militants have reportedly offered to hand them over, but investigators fear they have already been tampered with.

Meantime, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has taken part in top level talks with U.S. intelligence officials in Washington D.C.  Ms Bishop will now head to New York where it's expected she'll meet with the UN Security Council.

Back here at home, condolence books are expected to be presented for members of the public to sign while there is also talk of a permanent public memorial or plaque.

A national day of mourning is yet to be scheduled.


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