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Scammers are trying to make a quick dollar from us, by using 'tax time' to target consumers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is warning impersonators may try and "slip under the radar" to steal money. People are being duped by for fraudulent emails, people impersonating Australian Tax Office representatives on the phone, and even bogus websites.

"These fraudsters contact you out of the blue, claiming you have overpaid your tax and are now entitled to a refund," said ACCC Acting Chair Delia Rickard.

It is likely they will ask for an 'administration' or 'transfer' fee, and possibly your financial details so they transfer the supposed refund.

"If you hand over money to these scammers, chances are you won't see it again," warned Ms Rickard.

Since March 2014, the ATO has seen a a huge increase in complaints from the public on email and phishing scams alone, from 9,368 to 11,344 compared to the same time last year.


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