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55 year old Sue Wilkins has apologised for the rant.

She says she shouldn't have been so unkind, but was upset after being scammed 100,000 dollar by a Dutchman

Wilkins says it was not a nice thing to say to the lasdy

Video footage of a woman launching an extraordinary racist attack against fellow train passengers has emerged online.

It's believed the incident occurred earlier this week on a train near Strathfield.

The woman responsible for the shocking verbal abuse reportedly became agitated after a young mother refused to move her two children off seats so she could sit down.

Fellow passengers spoke out to defend the mother which sparked the woman's angry reaction, where she targeted several passengers with racist insults.

NSW Police says it treats incidents like this very seriously and is trying to track down the woman involved along with any witnesses.

If you have information call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

WARNING: The video below may offend some viewers.

Source: YouTube
by ShocKit RocKit via YouTube


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